We are now Focus Group Health

We are now Focus Group Health, a Sago community. You may have noticed some changes and while our website may look a little different, we will continue to provide you access to all of the same great features you are familiar with. 

What’s changing? 

  • When a recruiter calls you, they will say they are calling from Sago. 

  • If you receive a one-on-one correspondence from an employee, the e-mail address will be employeename@sago.com 

  • Our logo will look a little different 

What else do I need to know? 

  • Our survey invites will continue to come from the same e-mail address, no need to add a new email address to your safe sender list! 

  • We will continue to provide you with relevant study opportunities that allow you to share your opinions. 

  • Your account information and points balance will not change. 

  • You will continue to receive research invitations to your inbox and by SMS if you have opted in. 

  • Our Panel Service Team is here to help! Please e-mail Help@FocusGroup.com or leave us a message at +1 (855) 244-0886. 

  • Our social media pages present you with in-the-moment study opportunities. Don't forget to follow us! 

Introducing Focus Group Wallet

We are excited to be rolling out our new digital honorarium program. 

How Focus Group Wallet Works:

1. Upon completion of any interview, focus group, online survey, or any other participation type, you will receive an email with a link that takes you to the Focus Group Wallet portal.

2. Your honorarium is added to your on-line account (Focus Group Wallet)

3. You can access the online account at any time for details such as cumulative dollars/points, projects where you received honorarium, how much you have already redeemed, etc.

4. You can redeem the honoraria via a catalog that has options such as Virtual Debit Card, Physical Debit Card, Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, etc.

Here are some answers to questions that may come to mind:

Will all honorarium be issued through Focus Group Wallet?

  • For the majority of studies you participate in you will receive your honorarium via Focus Group Wallet, however there will still be certain studies where you may be sent your honorarium by check or physical Visa card. 

How do I receive my honorarium?

  • After completion of your study you will receive an e-mail from participate@focusgroup.com confirming the honorarium amount that has been added to your Focus Group Wallet. Once you receive that e-mail, you can log in to your account at Health.FocusGroup.com, go to the Focus Group Wallet section and select a reward option from our catalog. You will receive an e-mail with your electronic gift card from reward@virtualrewardcenter.com with a link to your honorarium. 

Can I still get a physical gift card?

  • Yes, one of the Focus Group Wallet reward options is a physical gift card. When you redeem your honorarium, you can select the physical Visa card for no additional fee.

Can I still use my physical card at the ATM?

  • Yes, you can still use the physical card to get cash at the ATM. We have also added an additional $2.50 to your physical card to cover any ATM surcharge fees you may encounter. The $2.50 is on us, and is not deducted from your Focus Group Wallet balance. 

What happens to the points I have already accumulated in my account?

  • Your existing points will be added to your Focus Group Wallet and can be redeemed by accessing the virtual rewards catalog.  

Has anything else changed?

  • No! Everything else remains the same. You will continue to receive invitations via e-mail or by logging in to Health.FocusGroup.com to see studies that are available for you. The only thing that is changing is the way you are rewarded for participating.

Where can I find more information?

I need help! Who can I contact?

  • For questions you may contact our Panel Services experts by e-mail at Help@FocusGroup.com or by phone +1 (855) 244-0886.